In the Zone with Jordan Peele

Giovanni Misiti, Staff Writer

We all know Jordan Peele to be a hysteric, the comedian and mastermind behind the hilarious skits of Key & Peele. From Substitute Teacher to Pizza Delivery and Fronthand/Backhand, his sense of humor creeps into every instance of his Comedy Central bits. However, recently he has changed the tune of his directing, pursuing a more dark and disturbed perception of reality.

Starting back in 2018 with his blockbuster Get Out, Jordan Peele introduced us to his more genius and twisted outlook on society, turning away from his more comedic persona. Peele was able to establish his outlook on society and the racism that occurs within as he centers his plot around a deranged family and their disturbing affairs. This vexing film filled with many instances of melancholy humor left people drooling for more. The people’s wish was fulfilled this past March with the release of his sophomore film, titled Us. The cinema feature focuses on a family whom hope to take a memorable vacation along the beach in Santa Cruz. Soon after arriving at their house however, they are confronted by a group of people later identified as their doppelgängers. Peele’s plot concerns the family’s struggle for survival as it presents a corrupted plan headed by the government to control the populous. The film received numerous rounds of applause, but also had some mixed reviews surrounding the plot twist at the end.

More recently, Peele has decided to take his directing talents and do a spinoff on the iconic TV series The Twilight Zone. The announcement commercial for the series first debuted during this years Super Bowl and gained lots of attention up until its release date on the first of April. His pilot episode, The Comedian, displayed his talent for directing quite well, as he was able to incorporate many aspects of modern society while still cultivating the glorious aspects of the original and all its fear-gripping horror. Talks and commentary of the series prior to the debut of the series were obviously controversial, considering that it would be a difficult task to truly recreate this classic series. So far, many are pleased with the way he has directed the first few episodes, with many more to come. You can catch his version of The Twilight Zone streaming on CBS All Access and the first episode on Youtube.

For Jordan Peele, 2019 has already brought him much success and hopefully more to come, as his fans patiently wait for whatever he has in the works as he begins to settle into his new tune of directing.