tik tok is taking the world by storm

Ryan Cooper, Tik tok adviser

The surprisingly big but yet exclusive world of social media has expanded yet again. Chinese tech giant ByteDance created the app in 2016. The 75 billion-dollar company bought the app musical.ly in 2017 and combined the two apps into one app which is now called Tik Tok. The app was released in 2018 and has been gaining attention from all around the world ever since.

The first video sharing app that was created was Vine, all the way back in 2013. The app prompted a place where anyone could post anything in the form of a video. The app grew attention over the countless comedians who got their publicity over their followers on the app. Creators such as Cody Ko for an example have made a living off of the app. Cody Ko was a Duke University grad who loved publishing funny content on Vine. He then took that success to another social media platform, YouTube. Success stories are not all that rare; countless numbers of teenagers have gained popularity and have made money off of entertaining apps such as Vine.

When Twitter bought Vine in 2017 a new app had to emerge. That app was musical.ly. The app was created to be a family-friendly zone that created a space for kids to share videos of themselves singing to songs and dancing with their friends. Similarly to Vine, musical.ly produced celebrities such as Loren Gray who now has an impressive number of 22 million followers. She, just like many other teenagers, created a platform for herself.

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The two apps listed above “walked so Tik Tok could run.” Tik Tok now has one billion users! Users from all over the world in fact. In China apps like Instagram and Twiter are banned because of their freedom of speech policies. However, Tik Tok is not. The app is breaking international barriers and is connecting societies from around the world. Even the “millennial” age group is getting in on the fun. Kids are teaching their grandparents how to sing along to songs that they used to listen to when they were their grandkids’ age.

On the app you are allowed to follow people, like their videos and even recreate those videos which you have liked. You can post a “duet” with the person that previously posted the video and share it on the browsing surface. You can meet new people, learn more about different societies of the world and can freely express your opinions in a family-friendly zone.

The app gains most of its following through hashtags. Users can publish videos and use the #fyp (for you page) to showcase their talents to the entire world. The app, unlike apps such as Snapchat, is not designed specifically for the youth. Many of the app’s users are from an older age. The app has created a way to bridge the gap between adults and kids. Now, when you’re at a family event, you will finally have something to talk about with your relatives, create videos with them and reminisce about the past through music