My One and Only Fight

Declan Folan, Staff Writer

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This essay is my response to a prompt posed by Brother Kevin. The essay had to be about a fight that either we were in or that we saw take place.

I was in seventh grade when this happened. It was a Friday during the winter and when I got to school my one friend, Ian, rushed up to me and asked if I wanted to sleepover at his house that night. He hosted a lot of sleepovers, so him asking for me to sleepover wasn’t alarming, but the way he asked was weird.

The sleepovers would usually be planned out. We, the usual group, would be asked sometime earlier in the week, not the day of the sleepover. Anyways, the day continues as planned. As soon as the last bell rings, I get on the bus and start my “journey” home. The bus is at the top of my street in less than ten minutes. I really miss the days when I didn’t have to sit in traffic on 279 just to get home, so it goes.

The bus drops me off and I rush to my front door to ask my mom if I could sleep over at Ian’s. My mom absolutely despised sleepovers, so my chances of her saying yes were not good at all. My mom somehow said yes. Maybe God knew that in however many years I would have to write an essay about a fight that I took part in.

With my mom saying I could go, I call Ian and tell him the good news. I called Ian on the home phone because I did not have a cell phone yet. The previous sentence adds nothing to the story. I just find it crazy that there was a point in time when I did not have a cell phone.

Ian tells me to be there at his house no later than 7:00 P.M. He said that I could come earlier if I wanted to, but I had to arrive before 7:00. Again, this is kind of a sign that something was “in the works,” but I did not think anything of it. I then talk to the rest of the friend group and they all got the “ok” to go to Ian’s house. They too got the message of “be there by 7:00 P.M. at the latest.” I arrive at his house probably 6:45 and everyone who got invited was there.

We usually just played video games when we slept-over, but this night was a little different. When I showed up, the Xbox was not turned on and they were just sitting there. At 7:00, Ian tells us that we should all take a walk to this baseball field near his house. We all agree that going to the baseball field would be fun, so we get up and go. This was not super weird that we would go to that baseball field, but when we would go it would be impromptu, or “out of the blue.” It was never a scheduled type of thing like this was. When the six of us got there, we did not run around or play football or anything. When we got there, we just waited there. At the time, I did not know what we were waiting for, but I would find out soon enough.

I do not know how long we waited, but it could not have been long when all of a sudden, we see another group of seventh graders walking on to the baseball field. I would have thought nothing of it because it is a public baseball field; the only thing that got me prepared was Ian telling all of us “get ready.” I still do not know all the details, but I will tell you what I know. The group of boys was led by Ian’s neighbor.

Apparently, Ian and his neighbor got into a verbal fight on Thursday and wanted to settle it “the right way.” The right way to them was to have an all-out 6 vs. 6 brawl. I cannot speak for Ian’s neighbor, but by the looks of his friends’ faces, they were unaware of the fact that they were coming to the park to fight. I can assure you that Ian did not tell any of us that there was going to be a fight. Ian and his neighbor had to have agreed on the number of people they were bringing because they both invited the exact same amount of people.

I have never been in a fight in my life, so I was scared to death and I was eyeing up whoever I think I could beat (probably could not have beaten anyone up). A little bit of a spoiler, I did not get to choose who I fought. Thinking back to the fight, I can only imagine how stupid we looked. Both sides agreed that we were going to conduct the fight in the same way that people in the 1700s fought in wars. We lined up in a line and if you were in the very front of the line, then it was your turn to fight while the other 10 people watched.

Because of this, we just lined up in a random order. I think I was like 3rd in line. Once we all agreed on what position we were in the line, we send the first two brave volunteers. As the first match is going on, I looked over to the opposing team. When I see who is second in line, I think one of my knees gave out. Out of all six of those guys, he was the biggest, the strongest, and the meanest looking. I begged my friend who was bigger than me to switch places, but he absolutely refused. Nobody wanted to fight this guy; I was just the unfortunate one that had to fight him.

The two fights before me happen and now it is my turn to have a go at this guy. Before I tell you the result of the fight, I would like to tell you some facts about me. As you know, I am on the shorter side and I did not hit my “growth spurt” (It was a pitiful excuse for a growth spurt if you ask me) prior to seventh grade. I was most likely under five foot in seventh grade. I was also as overweight back then as I am now. My opponent was taller than I am currently (which I guess is not saying much) and fit. All I am trying to say is that this was in no way a fair fight. This is all in efforts to save the little pride I have left for myself.

I was thinking about lying and saying that I miraculously beat this guy in a fight, but that statement could not be further from the truth. I got my “rear end” handed to me (Am I allowed to swear in these essays? I will play it safe for now). I think I landed the first punch, but as soon as he hit me for the first time, I was on the ground. When I was on the ground, this kid did not let up.

He kept punching me and all I could do was cover my face and hope for this fight to be over. Eventually the match was called and I went back in line. My face was so bloody that I had to take my shirt off and use it as a towel. I do not know if the plan was for everyone to fight only once, but the fight got called after the 6th 1v1 fight. I was thanking the man upstairs when the fight got called because I don’t think I could have survived another round. Our team won the fight by the score 4-2. Sadly, I was one of the two losses, but if anyone asks, I can technically say that I won my first fight.

Walking home from the fight, I knew that fighting was not my forte and should be reserved for only when the fights are absolutely unavoidable. Ever since that fight, I have tried to calm down any altercation with my words because I know I would never beat anyone with my fists. So far it has worked. I have not been in a fight since that one in seventh grade.

This is NOT a satirical response.