Should college athletes be paid?

Luke Harris, Staff writer

Whether you are a star football player or the captain of the golf team this question directly effects all future college athletics. A popular question recently asked is should college athletes be paid? This has been a hot button topic for quite some time now. I remember back in 6th grade reading an article about this very same topic and we are still talking about it today. There are many different opinions on this issue and how it should be handled.
I believe college athletes should not be paid.

I may be in the minority by thinking that but this is my personal opinion. Many people think I’m crazy for thinking this especially since I’m an athlete myself and I’m going to be playing football in college. College athletes should not be paid since many of them receive scholarships where they don’t have to pay a dime to go to college. Basically they are already giving 50,000 dollars a year depending on where you go for college along with other benefits.

Whenever I visited a certain university for football they were talking about all the benefits the players get. One of them was they get unlimited swipes at the dinning hall throughout their 4 years at the University but all other students only get unlimited swipes their freshmen year. That is just one of the many benefits they receive as student athlete and as a football player. Also, I believe most college athletes aren’t mature enough to get paid. College is time to grow up and get yourself ready for the real world. Every student goes to college so they get a degree so they can get a good job and get paid accordingly. Another reason why they shouldn’t get paid is the logistics of it.

I can see their being a lot of protest whenever the star quarterback is getting paid a lot more than a player on the girls volleyball team. Unless every athlete gets paid the same amount that would be an issue but every getting paid the same amount could cause issues as well. The star quarterback or just players football team bring in a lot more revenue for the University than the girls volleyball team is so why should they get paid the same amount. These are just some reasons to why I think college athletes should not be paid.

On the other hand, there is another side to this topic. Many people believe that college athletes should be paid. Some of the main reasons why people believe they should be paid is that playing college sports is time-consuming and expensive so they should be compensated as needed. Athletes risk their body and are exposed to permanent damage just as much as pros. Lastly, they generate so much money for their respected universities and the NCAA. I talked to my friend Liam Kearney who believes they should be paid. He says, “college athletes should be paid because they bring in so much money.” I ask him how the athletes would be paid and he said, “ They’re should be some type of equation based what sports they play and how much merchandise they sell.” He also believes that a star quarterback should be paid more than like a swimmer.