Another Black Teen’s Death

Isaiah Smith, Staff Writer

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Antwon Rose is from East Pittsburgh and was 17 years old when he was shot and killed by a police officer for running away. The story is that June 19, 2018 Antwon was inside of a vehicle that had been part of a previous crime 10 minutes prior to the shooting event. Antwon and his friend who were both unarmed were pulled over by officer Rosfeld. Antwon’s friend was shot three times, in his back, face and elbow. Antwon tried to run away but was shot in the back multiple times. Antwon Rose was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead not too long after. Officer Rosfeld’s story was different every time he told what had happened. He claimed that the boy that was running away (Antwon Rose) stopped and pointed a gun at him. The jury for this case came to the conclusion that shooting and unarmed black child in the back as he is running away is not murder. The officer was acquitted or set free for Manslaughter. Police Brutality is getting worse everywhere we go, not just Pittsburgh. It’s not just Antwon Rose that was killed by a police officer which is Caucasian. People like De’Von Bailey 19 years old was shot in the back and killed by a police officer, JaQuavion Slaton, 20 years old, was shot and killed by police, Brandon Webber, 20 years old, was shot 20 times and  killed by a police officer. It’s repetitive. Each one of these black males have the same story. The police officer thought they saw a gun.

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed February 26, 2012 by a Caucasian male named George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman was not a police officer. He was a neighborhood watch member. The night Trayvon was brutally murdered, Zimmerman had called police several times to say that he had seen people whom he had thought to be suspicious. All of these people that were spotted by Zimmerman were black males. Martin was walking to the corner store to get a pack of skittles and a bottle of iced tea. Zimmerman was on the phone with the police to report a “suspicious guy.” Police told him to not get out of his car and chase Martin. Zimmerman disobeyed instructions and pursued Martin. The event ended with Martin being shot in the chest by Zimmerman, less than 100 yards from where Martin was staying with his dad. Racial inequality is becoming worse and worse. No where near better. Black males- not even black males- African Americans have to constantly look over their shoulder every second to make sure they aren’t going to be killed by a Caucasian male. If Trayvon Martin were white no call to the police would’ve been made.

This has to come to an end immediately. People’s families can’t keep going through the same thing. Police Brutality and Racial Inequality has to stop now. African Americans can’t keep dying because of the color of their skin. They can’t keep dying for putting their hands in the air. They can’t keep dying for reaching in their pockets. They can’t keep dying for turning their head. They can’t keep dying for running away. It’s not fair at all.