Want to boost your college application? Try this camp.

Weston Moses, Staff Writer

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For many, that time is already here: the time of sitting down and buckling under the weight of College applications. Every student is looking for an edge over the other; after all, when it all boils down that’s what the College application is: a competition. Who is more qualified to get into this College? And for many looking to set themselves over the top, Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week may be a good choice.

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) is a business camp, allowing high school students to live on a College campus for one week, while teaching students about the art of business in a fun environment. The camp is amazing for both students hoping to major in business at College and those just looking to add something impressive on their applications.

Multiple speakers will come on campus to speak with the campers attending, lecturing on both business and life after high school. And as campers attend assemblies and listen to these speakers, some with stories so inspiring it brings a tear to the eye, they will also be working to take top spot in Free Enterprise Week, along with a group of teammates they are placed with upon arriving at the camp. The winner of Free Enterprise Week is decided by which team comes up with the best product, keeps track of their (imaginary) stocks in the market, and comes up with the best advertising campaign for their product. The final decision is made by a group of real stockholders on the final day of camp.

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week brings students the opportunity to learn about the free enterprise system.