NBA Preview

Isaias Scott, Staff Writer

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This NBA season is going to be interesting and competitive for all the teams and what has been going on. The 2019 NBA Draft was exhilarating for everyone to see the number 1, number 2, and number 3 picks. Everyone wanted to see Zion Williamson to go to the New York Knicks, but it turns out he was drafted to the Pelicans and fans were not too happy about that. A lot of Pelican fans were loving it because they get to see Lonzo Ball and Zion Williamson play with each other and watch them dominate on the court.

Despite all this the Los Angeles Lakers get to have someone who is going to help LeBron James and his team to the playoffs. Anthony Davis has been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and Laker fans were happy and not happy. The fans were not happy with this trade because they get to lose favorite players such as Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. What fans really like about this is they get to see LeBron and Anthony Davis be on the same team and have that chemistry to play on the court. Now moving on to the wildest of trades in all the NBA history is Paul George and Kawhi Leonard signing with the Los Angeles Clippers. Now we have a crazy rivalry with both teams that share the same arena. Now I think this trade was planned out and both all-around super stars on the same team is going to difficult to be defeated.

Another interesting trade is Russell Westbrook traded to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul. Everyone was shocked about this trade and the reason is that fans were worried if Westbrook and James Harden are going to get along on the court. Russell Westbrook was averaging a triple double almost every game compare to James Harden almost doing the same. Both guys are scoring machines, will they be able to play with each other on the same court? Yes, the reason is they have played with each other before. They played on the Oklahoma City Thunder back in 2010 – 2011 season when they had Kevin Durant on the team. They will be able to have their chemistry and their fair share of points, assists, steals, and rebounds.

Moving on to the bay area Golden State Warriors as we know they lost their all – star (SF) Kevin Durant. Despite on losing Durant they were able to get D’Angelo Russell. This player will be able to help the Warriors in their season, but I think and what others will think he will not be there for long. As we know DeMarcus Cousins has left the Warriors and is now on the Lakers, they need a center. Maybe they will trade D’Angelo Russell for a decent big man? Only time will tell when that happens.

Now moving on to a fan favorite team the Brooklyn Nets, that team is having high hopes for Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. There is a problem, the problem is Durant is injured and Kyrie Irving has been injured with a fracture left side face. This team has some backup players and have (C) DeAndre Jordan to help the team in the preseason games. This is the NBA Preview on what’s going to be coming up for this NBA Preseason.