Where is He Now? Interview with Coach Pete Gonzalez


Former University of Pittsburgh quarterback and Pittsburgh Steeler Pete Gonzalez is now one of the coaches for the Central Catholic Football Team.

Matthew Aulicino, Staff Writer

Pete Gonzalez is a former American football quarterback and former starting Pitt Panther Quarterback.

Gonzalez was born in Miami, Florida in 1974 and attended Coral Park High school. He was the starting quarterback in 1997 for the Pittsburgh Panthers and led them to their first bowl game in eight years (Liberty Bowl).

Gonzalez’s professional career kicked off in 1998 when he was picked up in free agency as a Pittsburgh Steeler. He then spent the next two years in Pittsburgh playing behind Kordell Stewart.

In 2000 he was released from the Steelers and picked up by the Indianapolis Colts in training camp. Before the season started he was cut from the Colts and retired.

Q: I realize the NFL is the highest level of football you can play but which level was the most fun? And why?

A: “High school was the best years for me, playing with my friends, creating bonds with those people that lasted forever, and just going out and playing football no matter our talent we went out and played together.”

Q: What was the most challenging transition from college professional ball?

A: “The toughest part was that the game became a business. I soon realized that it is 90% business and 10% about your talent in the league, so you can’t control your playing time or the salary cap like you want to.”

Q: Did the knowledge you gained from playing football help you in your current career?

A: “Absolutely, the game taught me you can control only what you can control and you must fight through adversity. Also, I learned how to always chase perfection. Most importantly the game gave me the mindset to work when no one else is looking.”… “One of my favorite quotes I learned is ‘you are going to lose a lot more than you succeed, but the success is what people remember.”

Q: If you could do anything differently in your football career what would that be?

A: “I wasn’t mature enough I was a young kid. I played with a chip on my shoulder, I played angrily, I didn’t like to lose. I wish I was more of a leader to my guys.”

Gonzalez now lives in Mars with his wife and three children. Gonzalez, now an entrepreneur, went on to create the thriving business VTC Supply.