Warren Tamarree


James Sweeney, Staff Writer

Central Catholic senior Warren Tamaree will be studying mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in the fall. He is passionate about working with medical devices in particular and credits Mr. Krotec with first introducing him to the field that he hopes will one day provide him with a successful career. Warren had much to share about what was most valuable to him at Central, voicing appreciation for friends and teachers alike.

Along with Mr. Krotec, whose dedication had an incredible impact on him, Warren says that Mr. Campbell was one of the most important teachers for his development during high school. Mr. Campbell’s writing-intense course gave him the opportunity to strengthen his skills often. His favorite memories of Central do not come from his time with teachers, though. Warren most fondly remembers time spent with his friends, saying that “the best part of Central is probably all the people that you get to meet.”

He believes that it is important for underclassmen to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things. He hopes that other students will take advantage of all that Central Catholic has to offer, whether it be sports, clubs, or just classes that look interesting. “High school is a great time to explore,” he says, “you will miss many great opportunities if you stay within your bubble.” Warren is part of the Quiz Bowl team and has participated in many tournaments.

After graduating from college, Warren hopes to work as an engineer for a few years before returning to school in a graduate program. One of his personal goals is to see all the different peoples and places of the Earth, hoping that after years of hard work he will find himself to be an accomplished engineer who has “traveled his fair share of the world”. Congratulations Warren!