President Aodhan Cringle


James Sweeney, Staff Writer

Aodhan Cringle’s name was one of the last things that Central students heard last school year: announced over the loudspeaker, right before the bell, he was crowned as the next Student President of Central Catholic.

A magnanimous president, he was happy to give an interview about his experience on the Student Council. He also spoke about his other activities, his future plans, and his favorite parts of Central.

Cringle is the Student President of Central and works with the Student Council. He decided to be a part of the Student Council after hearing a speech from a student that encouraged him to come to Central.

He ran for president, hoping to have the same effect. He describes hearing that he won the election: “I was pretty ecstatic […] I was in my ninth period Latin class junior year, and I didn’t really want to pop off too much, but […] it always feels good to win.”

Being a part of the Student Council barely feels like work because of the relationship he has with the other members. “We really mesh as a group,” he says. Other members of the Student Council agree.

Sophomore member Trevor Popeck says that Cringle really cares about the Council, and works hard. As Student President, he is working to bring more school-wide, inclusive activities to Central.

Student Council is not Cringle’s only extracurricular activity. He has played inline hockey for Central since freshman year and took the championship this year as an alternate captain on the varsity team. He prefers inline hockey to ice because the players have more space and the game is quicker. “It’s pretty electric,” he says. He hopes that students will get more involved with extracurricular activities, himself finding that the more activities he gets involved in, the better he recognizes the community that Central cultivates.

As a senior, Cringle has many choices ahead of him as well as an opportunity to reflect on his years at Central. He considers the influence of his teachers. Mr. Kronebusch, he says, inspired in him a love of engineering. Tied with Mr. Kronebusch for favorite teacher is Mr. Campbell, who “made [history] a lot of fun last year, even with the restrictions we had due to Covid.” He will be going to the University of Dayton in the fall. He has enjoyed the atmosphere at Central in his years here and has appreciated the opportunities to meet people and make friends. “The community at Central is unmatched,” he says, “really, you’ve never seen anything like it.”