Senior Gallery: Jaden Bailey, Mario Misiti, and Jon Zagorski

William Collins, Staff Writer


The finish line to the 2021-2022 school year is in sight and, with it, the high school careers of the 2022 class. This class has cemented itself as one of the most wide-ranging and versatile in recent memory. I had the pleasure of talking to a handful of these multifaceted individuals to discuss their future plans and a brief reflection on their time at Central.

First, I met with Jon Zagorski, the infamous videographer more well-known as “jon_films.” Aside from being the go-to guy for sports pictures and mixtapes, Jon has a bright future ahead of him in the criminal justice field, which is what he will be majoring in at community college. As for his time at Central, his favorite memories include coming back to school after the Covid-hiatus to see his friends. He encourages the next wave of Central students to always try their best and never give up.

Next, I had the privilege to talk to the one and only, Jaden Bailey. After injuries plagued his Freshman and Sophomore seasons, Jaden was a key component to the varsity basketball team in his final two years. Even after a successful senior campaign, Jaden still has unfinished business on the court, as he will be playing basketball at Saint Vincent while majoring in sports marketing. His favorite memories consist of laughing at lunch, traveling to West Virginia and Philadelphia for basketball, and hanging out in Mrs. Gershon’s office during his free periods. He advises everyone to embrace every day because the time spent with friends will not last forever.

Lastly, I was honored to chat with Mario Misiti. Whether you see him in the hockey rink, on the baseball field, or tearing it up in the classroom, he is always volunteering his time to make someone else’s day better. Though we only met a few months ago, Mario is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive individuals I have gotten to know. His future is only looking up, as he will be attending the University of Alabama to study aerospace engineering. His most beloved memories of Central include spending every day walking the halls with his brothers and being a part of such a great network of people. As for his parting words of wisdom: “Be where your feet are. Soak in each and every moment you can because time will run out before you know it.”

Best of luck to all of the seniors; their time at Central will undeniably translate to future success as their journeys continue.