Alex Bilyak


Anthony Klecha, Staff Writer

I’ve recently interviewed Alex Bilyak about his future endeavors. Bilyak plans to go to Penn State to continue his education with a major in computer science.

We looked back at the times he had at Central and just went through all of his memories and great times he had at Central. Through every class he enjoyed the relationships he formed with teachers and students alike.

Bilyak has a very good reputation with teachers and students around the school and these connections will do nothing but benefit him later in life.

He’s known for a couple of things like playing Minecraft in Father Darcey’s religion class.

Alex’s favorite memory at central is just being here, the best part was all of the relationships he formed.

He wanted to leave behind a couple of words of wisdom for the incoming freshman class and even for the sophomores, “For incoming freshman or sophomores who haven’t fou7nd their place at central, yet my biggest regret has been not putting myself out there as much as I should’ve. Don’t be afraid to try things that may be outside of your comfort zone. It’s been a good ride boys.”

Bilyak was always a great classmate to have in the room to just make the room feel more comforting and he was incredibly relatable. I didn’t know him for my entire career at central, but the 1 year was a fun senior year struggling through AP Calc together. Good luck with your future and good luck with all of the calc you’ve yet to go through. I and all of Central wish you the best.