John Blount


Aidan O'Shane, Assistant Editor

Senior John Blount shared his future plans and his thoughts on his time at Central Catholic. Blount is a member of the David S. Baginski Scholars Program and a captain of the Lacrosse team.

As a scholar, John worked on his thesis regarding the relationship between science and religion. This thesis process was one of his favorite memories at Central, specifically the Senior Symposia where he presented his thesis with his fellow scholars.

Furthermore, John will never forget the memories he made during lacrosse practice with his teammates. This season has been one of John’s favorites, and he is hopeful for the remainder of the season.

John would like to leave behind some words of wisdom as he graduates from Central: “Work hard and consciously put others before yourself in everything you do.”

He lived by these words throughout his time at Central and plans to continue living by them for the rest of his life. John will be continuing his academic career at the University of Notre Dame where he will major in Biological Science.

With this degree, he plans to help others by getting into the biotech field and researching malaria. John loves science and claims this love came from his experiences with Mr. Krotec and Dr. Belardi.

He had a class with Mr. Krotec in 9th and 11th grade, and a class with Dr. Belardi in 10th and 12th grade. They showed John the expansive possibilities of science, and John immediately fell in love.

He plans on using this love to make a difference in society through his career in the biotech industry. I wish John the best of luck in his pursuit of making the world a better place.